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dog carriers purses for small dogs

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dog carriers purses for small dogs
dog carriers purses for small dogs
dog carriers purses for small dogs
dog carriers purses for small dogs
Wears great..does not shrink....fits good
Great sunglasses! I bought them for protection after getting LASIK and am not disappointed. The clarity and contrast provided by the glasses are the best Ive ever had. My eyes actually feel relaxed when Im wearing the sunglasses in bright light or driving. I have zero complaints.
I bought the 580G lenses and while the weight is more than standard poly lenses its not uncomfortable. They are sturdy, dont scratch and I dont see the lenses breaking unless you maybe step on them or they get crushed. Ive dropped mine several times and they are fine.
Fit perfectly!
These earrings were perfect! just the right size. I have worn them everyday!
I received this bag as a gift four years ago (it was on my wishlist) and have since taken it overseas twice and on several domestic trips. I find that while this is not the most stylish bag, it is incredibly functional and perfect for travel. I put my passport and any jewelry in the inside zippered pocket and license and cards go in the card slots. I generally do not carry a separate wallet with this bag as having my cards in the slots feels more secure. I keep inconsequential stuff like pills or chapstick in the outside zipper and magnetic snap compartments. In the zipper in the back, I keep small amounts of cash for easy access for myself. I am usually fine keeping it here, because the fit of this purse is so snug against my body, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to get back there. A 1/2 ltr water bottle will fit upright in the tall side of the bag and I can easily carry a light shawl inside the bag with it.

All parts of this bag have shown themselves to be extremely sturdy and I have never had a problem with it. The fit, for me, is excellent (even being a mere 5' tall) and the shape of the purse hugs my body and lies flat against me for optimal protection. In regards to the safety hooks, unless I am in a high risk area, I tend not to use them. As other reviewers have mentioned, they are rather difficult to hook and unhook. Even then, I only use the hook for the main compartment, preferring to keep inconsequential stuff in the outside zippered compartment because it's so exposed.

My only MINOR quibbles is that 1) this simply isn't a very stylish looking bag (not ugly, just not interesting) and 2) the strap isn't 100% comfortable. Regarding quibble 1, I see that Travelon seems to now carry some anti-theft bags that are a bit more fashionable. I'm going to look into getting a bit of a style upgrade but function-wise, this bag is still in perfect condition four years later! Regarding quibble 2) while i would appreciate a slightly more comfortable strap, it's still the best travel bag I have and I will continue to happily use it.
Excellent fit for prescription glasses at a reasonable price
Didn't hold up for less than a month and just days after the return date. Now I can't do anything with it.
I mean they are cotton shorts so... It is what it is. Good junker shorts.
Bought these for the hubby. He loves them.
somewhat large but still good
Good fit and plenty of pockets. Pockets in pockets make for a good place for phones. Material is a little stiff even after a few washes.
The material is so tough and not soft . Feels like i am wearing a warehouse denim underwear . And after one wash it shrinked to half the size it was (it was small already) last point ... they shipped it in a box that is 3 times the size of the product ... i wonder if they were afraid that they would break .
Way to large
Good Scrubs at good price
Way smaller than expected
Good job
Great design, the pockets suck. Didnt notice them in the preview pictures very misleading
Good material and just as described. Thanks
The socks are fine. I really can't understand how they can be priced this low; I'd like to believe that it's not that the workers are paid less but that there's less advertising, endorsing, and managing associated with their production than with those of others.
A snug and comfortable fit. Will buy again.
The item was supposed to be new, but the box look very used and the glasses were completely missing one of the ear stems.
Just what I needed.
My husband finds this comfortable, it is his very first rash guard, we will be using it soon to go to the beach
I got this bag about 2 weeks ago now and I have really been enjoying it. The bag is super pretty and soft in person. The only negative I have is the lining feels a little cheap but thats not a big deal to me. Very happy with my purchase.
Being a person of a paler complexion and thinning hair this hat is great on boat trips and any relaxing day under the sun.
Really weird super elastic material. Fit way, way bigger than other pairs of under armor shorts I own.
For the most part I'm completely happy with the wallet except for the window pocket. Whenever I remove my ID from the pocket it requires a lot of force and feels like the window might rip off. I use most of my cards on a regular basis so it doesn't make sense to put anything in the pocket at risk of ruining the wallet.
These boxers feel really good, the material is very soft and thin. Definitely recommend this product!
Easy to make your waist size. The comfort click mechanism on the back of the belt glides in easily and adjust perfectly to your waist.
I stumbled accidentally on this bag while looking for a cuter baby bag for my bestie! When I saw it came in a smaller size I had to get it! And its been love since day one! Its not perfect because it comes a lil bent and has some creases but the seller includes directions how to get them out and it literally took me all of 5 min to do it! It fits great with allll outfits! The material is soooo fancy and the gold is just enough color to make it look chic. Ive taken this bag everywhere! On day trips and work and it fits everything in it! I literally mean everything!
https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/frdiy2t8xnt https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/produitfrance/JP-1880-Grandes-Bavarois-723283