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custom leather phone cases

custom leather phone cases
custom leather phone cases
custom leather phone cases
custom leather phone cases
Better than expected.
It have a big space in it what I like!!
Fit great, comfortable, and a decent price
Good for staying warm, robbing banks, gas stations etc...
My wife loves it.
I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he loves it. Very well built and functional. Affordable for the quality.
Great fit, true to size based on sizing chart. Washes well without a ton of shrinking.
The product was poorly sewed. Threads were not cut off and some were too tight. The ad shows a picture of three different colors and I received three of the same. The sizes of two were same and one was smaller than the others.
So so so breathable. Lovely to wear honestly. Doesn't shrink too much in the wash. Retains color. Just excellent all around, and a great deal to buy
Great fit
Great product! Great price!! Really quick delivery !! Would use this seller again definitely.
I was recently diagnosed with CHEK2 gene mutation and I proudly wear this bracelet! Yay for Breast Cancer Awareness!
Great wallet, husband loved it. Small and holds all his cards and will purchase again. Great price.
This poncho is constructed using a sturdy plastic that is also lightweight. I live in an apartment and have two dogs. Taking them for a walk and trying to hold on to an umbrella at the same time became like a juggling routine. So I purchased this hoodie poncho and it works great. No more problems walking dogs in the rain.
When I get back to apartment I take off the poncho and shake it a bit to get rid of rain drops and then hang it in my utility room. Highly recommend this product. Definitely recommend this Anyoo brand poncho to anyone.
Its a little off.. the teeth and the words are way far apart on the mask and you have to fold up the bottom to see the words properly! Also it looks as if some just cut the end off and never sewed a seam so if it snags it will be ruined! Very disappointed in this product but you get what you pay for!
Our neighbors daughters are 7&2 and they will love these!!
Exactly as pictured. Great quality. Fun design.
great product very nice Just what we had been looking for
was handle well thank you. thank you
Light weight
I bought this to put into my carry on bag for flying. I liked the purse fine except there was nowhere for the paper money and change so I had to have little coin purses inside one of the compartments. It just didn't work for me so I had to return it. I was disappointed, not in the purse, but that it didn't work for me and I had to return it.
got them for my boyfriend and he loves them
This is my first experience with the Gildan brand of underwear and I really liked the product. The boxers come in a variety of bright colors (not sure that really matters because most people won't see them). They fit as expected and they were fairly comfortable as well. The material itself was a little bit stiff to the touch, but when I wore them I did not feel any real discomfort or have any issues with them at all.

These are well made, and after a wash or two they still felt and looked great. My only complaints were a slightly stiff almost starched feeling to the fabric, and the fact that the leg area was not really flexible. They did fit as expected, and they were comfortable to wear all day long.

The elastic on the boxers is thick and stretchy, which is a great feature because over time I have found this is often times the first thing to go. In terms of being able to move and stretch easily these boxers give you enough space to do just that. I would not and do not wear this style when active or working out, but for daily wear they are a great value and I really liked this product. I gave it four stars because it is a bit of a value brand, but for what you pay you definitely get your money's worth.
Great quality
Good stuff no more pulling up my pants
My fiance loves it. He so in love with these hats he wears the white one to the store, and the black one for work. He planning to buy more same style different color.
Nice color
Love this bag! I can fit so many things in here .
I use it as my everyday bag
My husband said it has good overall coverage, but it makes your head sweat. He also didn't have it fastened correctly so he nearly lost it while standing on a rooftop. Definitely use the fastener ;-)
Nice fitting gloves for size chosen. I am a repeat buyer of this brand. Not great tactile sensitivity for touch phone screen but still a nice gym glove.
https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/frdiyc5gmll https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/produitfrance/Softinos-Baukii579sof-Basket-Femme-Lèvres