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s & t custom canvas

s & t custom canvas
s & t custom canvas
s & t custom canvas
s & t custom canvas
s & t custom canvas
Looks like a loose tshirt not slim fitting at all.
super cute wallet for the price. It comes in a very nice box so its great for a gift. Comes with a little screwdriver and other parts so you can customize it to your liking but Ive used it as it was sent! Very light weight and holds all my crap nicely!!
Buena calidad sueve material !!!!
Great colours, easy to put on.
Very minimal pain after wearing all day.
They can get lost during vigorous activity, but which ones can't...
The wallet is a little bigger than I imagined, but it also holds more than I thought it would. Seems to be well constructed and I think it will last
Belt is as expected!
Great size, fits loads in
No sweaty feet or sliding.
My husband loves the material this shirt is made from.
Very sturdy, very grippy. Bottom of backstraps starts to fray slightly on the sides, but it hasn't affected performance, and you cant tell when it is fully stretched and engaged.
Great fit
Socks fit perfectly!
The only problem is when you unzip it it does not open all the way up
Still need to wash it and throw it in the dryer, but it fits great so far.
I been buying this grey t shirts for work for 3 years one set each year getting ready to buy a set now i wash them separate with no other cloths in cold water and use downy softener and hang on line to air dry dont put them in the dry or they will shrink and in the winter its a pain but i hang them in the bathroom over the shower doors or in the house and let the house heater dry them keeps the shirts from shrinking and keeps the neck from loosening or widening
Very comfortable. Especially the expanded waistband. Enjoy wearing them.
Adorable dresses! I would order them again in a heartbeat.
I hardly wear these earrings because neither the color nor the earring is like what is pictured. You can't see the opal inside or outside of the earring when you have them on, and you can barely see the opal when you don't have them on. I have worn them and have not had any problem with them affecting my skin. My skin is hypersensitive, so I assume that the metal is as advertised. While writing this I decided to polish them with a jewelry cloth. it did make both the metal and the opal sparkle just a little bit, but still not like the picture
Basic, soft undies. My 4 year old likes her undies on the larger side so she's rocking these undies pulled up like little granny panties. She's average height/ weight. Good stretch and soft cotton.
Perfect fit
Well made; in the realm of holding pants up it definitely gets the job done. My only nit is the ends are too big to fit through my belt loops so I have to assemble/disassemble the belt every time I put it on/take it off- maybe its just me and my pants, but thats the only issue I have so perhaps chalk it up to a user error. Overall, Im satisfied.
The swimming trunks were true to size and very nicely made. We will be keeping this item.
Loved it I carried it for a non-stop 5 months through Italy and it was worth every cent. I will be getting a new one for my next trip! My only con was that the zipper will get stuck sometimes but usually only when you try to overload the bag so its to be expected.
Great love the color and fit
Gets messy easily because of design, little card space and its hard to get the cards out when you are in a hurry. Also two of the pockets arent larger but they just get whatever you put it in there jammed in there
I don't t think the phone pocket is meant for a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a phone case. The strap won't snap close even though the case is somewhat thin. That said, this isn't a deal-breaker. I really just use the wallet pocket when it's in my purse because my purse doesn't really have a good place for a phone. I wouldn't be using the strap anyway.

It's a great wallet!
It was a great buy & a good item
https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/frdiypblmzp https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/produitfrance/Sac-dos-main-Katana-82372