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If you receive the incorrect size, product, print or if your product was damaged during shipping, we will gladly replace it without question. Please let us know within 2 business days if this is the case. Given that our products are customized art, we cannot offer returns on our products under any other circumstances. Our products and designed and printed with care and are one of a kind products specifically for your pet.


If you decide you no longer want to proceed with your order following purchase you can cancel within 24 hours of the time of transaction, so long as we have not started work on your design. If you email us beyond the 24 hour point, there is a very high chance that we have already done work on your design. 

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Please note that if we do not recieve a higher quality photo within 24 hours of requesting, we will do the best job we can with the uploaded photo(s). This is necessary to maintain our workflow. We are not able to cancel orders that have already been worked on. 

create own case
create own case
create own case
create own case
create own case
Super thin & low quality material.
Love the shape and look of these, but they are a little shaky. Other than that, no complaints.
Love these so far. They look great and are very comfortable.
very nice and sparkly. my daughter got for her friend for Christmas
Beautiful color!
Good quality and fast shipping. Just little disappointing that I received 2 whites and no black.
I liked the personal touch on the small bag the belt was shipped in.
This ring is gorgeous. You would never know the stone are lab created diamonds, they look that real. The 14K white gold is beautiful. Very well made, ala in all it is a great ring.
Good quality
Great and comfortable underwear and they breathe very wel and are extremely comfortable.
Great purse. Lots of space
The product gave a shoe fit size 6-12. I do not think this is close to fitting a size 10. Have to pull them on very tight to get them togo onto foot and stay up on leg.
Its very stiff
Seemed cheap..did not retain the bright shine well
Firefighter. I bought two of these to accommodate the extensive amount of keys I use regularly. Small fire alarm panel keys and a handful of regulars size keys to access standardize locks in my run area (utility rooms, elevator control rooms and street boxes)
1- great for organization when trying to shut a fire alarm up at 3 am.
2- I travel as light as practical. 1 glove, 1 spanner wrench and 1 ( now eleminated) key ring go in this specific pocket.
The screw does back but, I will correct that soon with a little locktite.
Great product and great price!! Looks awesome!! Very good quality. My daughter loves it!! It works well and looks nice on as we'll!
There get a little warm around my jewels. I would also size up a size
My particular tween loves these pull on bras, and she is a bit of a Mikey when it comes to underpinnings. I love that they come in a 2-pack for $10. Soft, comfortable, and a great value? Happiness for the whole family.
Cheap and probably reused items. Stay away.
The item didn't have brand name "VIKROM" as shown on Amazon. I cannot rate without brand name.
I've learned the hard way that cheap socks are cheap socks. While these are not inexpensive, they are well worth the reasonable price. I live in the Upper Midwest and when it gets cold, socks like these are a necessity.
I am only reviewing this as a warning about the size. There was nothing wrong with the ring itself. It seemed just as it appears except it only looks good at the size 6 that they show it in. It says it's up to a size 9 but if you open it at all it looks really stupid on your finger because the gap it's too big . Only buy if you have teeny tiny fingers would be my advice.
I own multiple of these hats in different colors and they are just great. Comfy, warm and stylish with Carhartt quality.
i loveit
They were soft and comfortable to use.
Good looking wallet just got it for father's day and can't wait to start using it.
Very comfortable fit.
https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/frdiyuf0h98 https://www.petscanvaspainting.com/produitfrance/Guess-W1263G4-Montre-Homme