custom rom micromax canvas 6

custom rom micromax canvas 6

'2 Amigos' Personalized 2 Pet Digital Portrait

custom rom micromax canvas 6

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custom rom micromax canvas 6

Can you picture your pets’ adorable face on our ‘2 Amigos’ Personalized 2 Pet Digital Portrait? Our digital portraits are a great option for those that want a professionally designed personalized digital copy for their pet on one of our popular designs.

Print it and frame it yourself, save it as your profile picture, send it as an e-card to your loved ones and much more, our digital portraits are yours forever and can be used for whatever you like!

Simply upload 2 photos of your pets and our digital artists will create acustom rom micromax canvas 6 starring your pet!

custom rom micromax canvas 6

  • Pick your design
  • Upload 2 clear photos of your pets using our easy upload button
  • Place your order!
  • Leave the rest to us!
  • We will deliver your high definition JPEG 12x18” digital portrait for download to your email 
  • Want a different size? No problem, let us know in the ‘leave a message for seller’ box at checkout
  • On average, our Digital Portraits are completed and sent to your email used at checkout within 2-4 working days.
Photo Selection Guidelines

custom rom micromax canvas 6

• Please upload a clear close-up frontward facing photo of your pet at eye level and appropriate light (natural outdoor light works better than flash, try to avoid bad lighting and blurry photos). 
• Make sure your pet’s ears are within the photo frame and not cut off!

• Please do not upload a photo of a photo or a screenshot of a photo, uploading an actual photo will have a higher resolution.

After uploading your first photo, you can upload more by selecting on the left hand side menu of the uploader where you want to upload the file from: Local Files (most common), camera, Facebook, etc.

custom rom micromax canvas 6
custom rom micromax canvas 6
custom rom micromax canvas 6
custom rom micromax canvas 6
Great product. Could use 1 more credit card slot.
Love this bag. I was looking for something I could use for work that wasnt bulky but large enough to hold everything I needed as well as stylish and this does just that plus it looks great! If there is anything I dont like (and this isnt a big issue for me) it would be that the liner is separate from the bag itself. I would definitely recommend purchasing it.
The bag was a gift for our daughter in law. It arrived earlier than I expected (living overseas) and a great value for the price. She was very pleased to open it last night for Christmas
This is another great product by baggallini that probably meets the small purse convertible to good sized fanny pack needs. I chose it because it appeared to be the closest to my favorite purse by them - the original everyday bag which sadly is now discontinued.
It was about 1 inch larger all around with plenty of credit card slots and secured sections. This has plenty of zipped compartments and same number of card slots but half of them arent wide enough to fit normal sized cards, thus 4 stars instead of 5.
Nicely made and very pretty. Matches the pink necklace and bracelet.
Doesn't look like the picture at all
I got this as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. He's about 6 feet and two inches tall and in college and I bought him a medium and they fit him perfectly. He wears them all the time and it is very high quality for the price. They are better quality than ones you can get at the mall or designer brand and are very warm and not thin material. I will be buying him another pair for his birthday! :D
great product, make sure you follow the instructions on sizing your belt, and you will be as happy as I am.
This purse is terrific quality. Good for carrying larger items if needed.
What a beautiful bag!! I love it!!! Super FAST delivery! Thank you!
Will fit everything you have in your purse and then some!!
I had forgotten that Hanes underwear are the undies that are kind of rough spun, the band is narrow, and over time they'll get stretched out and kind of ratty after a few years.

Still, for the price you get a 7 pack, which is awesome. They all fit pretty well, albeit they feel like they ride kind of low for me. The cotton as mentioned feels pretty rough, the ribbed texture is especially apparent. Not necessarily uncomfortable though. Just... bargain value.
Gave me a 5head
They are great
I really liked this wallet but its so smooth it slides out of my pocket when sitting and I did not notice. It did it 3 times at my work and luckily it was turned in all three times
It was a gift for my daughter...I have not seen it but I know she really likes it.
Nice socks
Like you, I wanted to wear boxer briefs but I found that they offered little or no ball control. If I did regular man stuff in regular boxer briefs my junk would stick to my leg and Id have to readjust all day long. I dropped $100 bucks on all the different ball control brands I could find and heres my take. I tested them working, working out, sleeping and just every day stuff. My junk is on the larger side and therein lies my problem with boxer briefs. Im listing them below best to worst.

1. Saxx. These were the biggest surprise. I thought no way these would work. The design is so simple and thats why they do work. When you put them on your boys go in between the two barriers. Theres plenty of room for them to hang out yet the barriers keep everyone in line and nothing sticks to your leg. When I take a leak I like to pull everything over the top as opposed to some hole or flap in front. These work great in that regard. And when you drop your junk back in, it goes right back into place. Your junk hangs out just as it would in nature, no holes to stick your shaft through. These are the most comfortable to sleep in. The barriers keep everyone in line without rubbing or binding. Morning wood occurs without any discomfort. These look like normal boxer briefs when you wear them. These are my favorite and Ill be buying more. They are expensive so Im taking off 1 star. 4 stars.
2. SHEATH. These are pretty good. You have to poke your shaft through a hole and the twins have their own little pouch just underneath. Once you set up its pretty secure. They are comfortable while driving and working. I honestly forgot I was wearing them, which is the whole point. When you take a leak its best to go through the flap but Im an over the top guy. When I dropped my junk back in it would sometimes go right back into place but other times Id have to fiddle with it which is annoying. But once everything is back in place they are quite comfortable with good control. There is perhaps too much ball control for sleeping in these. The ball pouch can ride up a little and rub you the wrong way. If you get morning wood, everything gets really tight and the pouch pulls on your balls even more. Not very comfortable. I had to pull everything out in the middle of the night because of this. Id still give these 4 stars. Not my first choice but I will continue to wear them. Theres a good chance Ill reorder. Oh yeah, expensive.
3. Sepratec. Im pretty sure these are identical to the David Archy brand. These are similar to Sheath. Your shaft goes through a hole and the twins stay behind. There is no pouch for the twins but there is decent room for the twins to hang out. Your shaft has its own pouch to hang out in. This feels weird to me because its just a little too much contact with fabric. Lets face it the shaft is sensitive. These offer pretty good control and keep everything in order. They are ok to sleep in. There is no ball pouch like the Sheath so they are little more comfortable while sleeping. But all in all there is just too much contact and they are just not that relaxing while sleeping. They make your package stick out so wearing them in a locker room will draw unwanted attention. They are the cheapest of the bunch. Id go 3 stars on these. I will continue to use these but probably no reorder.
4. 2 UNDR. I honestly thought these were going to be the ones. They have the right idea but the bottom line is there is just not enough room for everyone to hang out. The pouch is just too small. The twins do not fit in the pouch and they go wherever they want. There is little or no ball control. The bottom of the pouch rides up on your sack and/or shaft and they are just plain uncomfortable. If you have a smaller package perhaps these will work for you. Forget about sleeping in these. You might as well get some regular boxer briefs. They might be able to make these better if they offered larger pouch sizes but for now they do not work. Id give these 2 stars. Unfortunately I will be tossing these into the landfill.
5. MyPackge. Same idea as 2Undr with all the exact same problems. The pouch is just too small. No ball control. Id go 2 stars on these as well.
Solis sturdy belt.
It's not pretty, but it is functional and has made festival/concert life so much easier. You can almost see the look of relief on a security person's face when you walk up carrying one of these. Bought these for a festival that required them, and have gone on to use them at events regardless of their backpack policy. It's convenient, and it saves a lot of time.
Well costructed and durable. I like the hard case, glasses tool and other things that come with this product. The glasses frame is full metal and stays on your face but falls off easily when they are on your head. The nose pad is well constructed but cumbersome. It is big and difficult to adjust to fit comfortably. they are worth the price and would look more into their other products.
If is worth the price
I love this small wallet. For me, its great that I have easy access to my everyday cards/IDs from the outside, while having an inside pocket for my less frequently used stuff. The money clip magnet is strong and holds several bills. The card slots are a little tight when trying to remove a card, but theyll probably loosen up over time. If you want a small wallet that fits comfortably in your pants you have to make some compromises. Im extremely satisfied. Great product, great price, and fast delivery.
I opted to purchase these sunglasses rather than spend $400 on a prescription pair of sunglasses. I use them for mowing the lawn & driving, primarily. They have been just perfect - and when mowing, the sides of the glasses keep the dirt and grass from blowing into my eyes on a windy day! Great sun protection for your eyes - delay getting cataracts! I was afraid I might look like an "old fogey" in them, but everyone says they look just fine - not like that at all - yea!
Came as ordered. Fit perfectly.
It's feel comfortable and warm. But when you wear it and sometimes you feel uncomfortable around your neck because its kind of big size. My head is small and the mask almost fit it but it's loose around my mouth. This is very fine mask and it's for winter. Or even you can wear it anytime.
My husband bought me this purse and I am so excited to use it. It is exactly what I was looking for.
I agree with two of the other reviewers. The ratchet portion is way too far back. If you cut the belt to your size, the ratchet cannot be engaged. If you cut the belt so that the ratchet can be used, the belt is left with far too much belt extending past the buckle. I like the concept for this belt, but the placement of the ratchet was a big mistake.
I am in love with this bag)) the turquoise color is really gorgeous. I was afraid it might look and feel cheap but it is NOT! I love it! Thank you!!!
Feels well designed and seem durable. Don't waste your money on a pair of glasses that are going to break, get these.