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my custom case

'2 Amigos' Personalized 2 Pet Tumbler

my custom case

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Enjoy your favorite beverage from an epic personalized masterpiece featuring your dog (or any pet!) with our personalized Viking Tumblers!

Our premium my custom case and will keep your beverages warm for 5-6 hours or cold for 24 hours!

my custom case

  • Pick your desired tumbler color (Stainless, Black, Mint, Copper, or White)
  • Upload at least 1 photo of each of your pets using our easy upload button
  • Place your order
  • Leave the rest to us!
  • my custom case and dispatched worldwide within 2-5 business days.

Photo Selection Guidelines

my custom case

• Please upload a clear close-up frontward facing photo of your pet at eye level and appropriate light (natural outdoor light works better than flash, try to avoid bad lighting and blurry photos). 
• Make sure your pet’s ears are within the photo frame and not cut off!

• Please do not upload a photo of a photo or a screenshot of a photo, uploading an actual photo will have a higher resolution.

After uploading your first photo, you can upload more by selecting on the left hand side menu of the uploader where you want to upload the file from: Local Files (most common), camera, Facebook, etc.

my custom case
my custom case
my custom case
my custom case
my custom case
I loved this minimalist designed wallet for roughly 8 months and then it simply disintegrated. It is poorly made and poorly stitched. The leather-like material tore easily. Real leather doesn't tear this easily in my opinion. I have an old large leather Coach wallet that's 20 years old and looks mint (it's just large in my pocket). I only kept 4 cards including my license in it and every pocket ripped. The clear license window ripped on both sides. The wallet ripped in a way that i'm lucky cards were not lost.

Within 5 or 6 months seams started to come loose. The parts that hold cards began to split. Eventually parts of the wallet began to split and open like a book as you can see in the pictures. You can see that you can see right through where it should be closed at the bottom. The window holding the driver's license split at the seams allowing any license in it to fall out in every direction.

I made no effort to contact the manufacturer for a refund. It didn't occur to me until now anyways and I was probably outside the warranty period now anyways since I stopped using the wallet last year but wanted to take pics, write a review before i do some spring cleaning and toss what remains.
This robe is the perfect weight I was looking for. We live in a warm climate and I wanted a lightweight robe. This one fit the bill. The material is incredibly soft, too. Love it! In addition to the belt on the outside, it has an additional string on the inside to keep the robe security fastened!
I bought this bag about a month ago and couldnt be happier. Ive gotten lots of compliments on it, and love the mint green color I got. Great color for spring! The pockets are great and have helped me stay organize as well. Its a great size, and is not too big or too small. Great bag!
The socks work great. Thanks
Had a procedure done recently that required it, and its supports really well, even thinking of switching from boxers to this
Great value! Could not fit as much as l liked of necessities but very good and well made for the $.
Very comfortable and affordable
lots of compliments on the pattern, very warm and comfortable either around the house or doing errands nearby
Great product at a great price ..... But the shirts SEEM to be a tad thinner ( FABRIC ) than my other shirts.
Great value
fits good...doesnt dig in to your calfs
Buyer beware, My Ray Ban's arrived broken when I opened them 6 weeks after receiving for a Xmas gift, to wear after cataract surgery. They will not exchange so far!
Poor customer service!
Perfect small gift for a granddaughter
I didn't see that they have no pockets. I wish they did. But, they are Hanes and fit and are good quality.
Absolutely perfect. Nice fit and quality.
I was pleasantly surprised by the plush thick feel of these and that there was hardly any lint in the dryer filter from these. We have used them twice now on staycations for chillin' in the evenings outdoors while staying warm. These allowed us to stay out later than we normally would. I will definitely be ordering two for my parents.
I bought this wallet for my son's birthday gift. The item specifications did not mention that it has a velcro closure! BONUS! That is what he wanted. Overall great wallet, great navy color, texture prevents slipping out of pockets. Highly recommend this trifold wallet.
The watch is a beautiful and easy to tell time....The reason I gave it such a low star because the band started to peel off before I took it out the package ..... I wish I could of return it. But because I'm in the Bahamas it would cost me 3 times the amount for a refund... it looks like a dog chewed the band....
When ppl cry about it being small it made me laugh because it is suppose to be a smaller purse. I already had one this size but it did not have all the pockets and slots for organizing like this one does (and my old one was cheap material). I was skeptical about it being leather but it looks and smells like genuine leather (so it will last longer than my cheaply made DESIGNER purse) and I paid a lot less for it. So yes I would recommend this purse- just keep in mind it is not a big hand bag but a little purse with lots of organizational space.
I like the shape and quality but it is always upside down.
These are strong and comfortable. Someone complained that they do not stretch enough, they hold workpants up because they don't stretch too much. Less sag and more hold.
Nice Jacket, unfortunately XLT is too XL in width, and not T enough in arms. Not good for a fit tall person.
It looked a lot cuter online. It's more of a shapeless sack. Very durable seeming yet looks cheap. Returning.
Classic style and shape! Love the rubbery feel to the frames. Looks and fits great. You can never go wrong with Ray-Ban :)
Very poor quality!! The v neck connection point and collar are coming apart after 60 days.
Great shirt! Not only protects from Florida sun but also does keep You cooler which is very important to me with the high humidity here. I also like the fact that it is made in Colombia not Communist China. I would highly recommend these shirts.
Love the glasses. Comfortable and lightweight.
Great hat for sun protection in the pool when we were on vacation! Good quality.
comfortable, thick, and good price
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