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dog and cat art

'Harley Wooferson' Personalized Pet Canvas

dog and cat art

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dog and cat art

Can you picture your pet's adorable face on our ‘Harley Wooferson’ Personalized Canvas? Hand wrapped over a dog and cat art our dog and cat artcanvases are printed with dog and cat art

Simply upload a picture of your pets and our artists will create adog and cat art

  • Pigment based printing using archival inks holds up over time and does not fade
  • Hooks come attached and ready to hang
  • Gallery standard 1.25" Wooden Frame
  • dog and cat artfrom the dog and cat artas well as thedog and cat artWe ship worldwide!
  • Our talented artists create your custom piece with attention to detail and love. Not only is our team made up of amazing artists, we are pet owners ourselves! 

dog and cat art

  • Pick your portrait size
  • Upload a clear photo of your pet using our easy upload button
  • Place your order
  • Leave the rest to us!

Photo Selection Guidelines

dog and cat art

• Please upload a clear close-up frontward facing photo of your pet at eye level and appropriate light (natural outdoor light works better than flash, try to avoid bad lighting and blurry photos). 
• Make sure your pet’s ears are within the photo frame and not cut off!

• Please do not upload a photo of a photo or a screenshot of a photo, uploading an actual photo will have a higher resolution.

After uploading your first photo, you can upload more by selecting on the left hand side menu of the uploader where you want to upload the file from: Local Files (most common), camera, Facebook, etc.

Shipping Information

dog and cat art

On average, our canvases are created, framed and shipped out within 5-7 business days.

dog and cat art

We ship Worldwide! We are proud to now offer local production and fulfilment of our canvases in the dog and cat art!

dog and cat art

USA/Canada/UK/Mexico/Australia: 2-5 Business Days

Rest of World: 10-21 Business Days

*Please note that our production and delivery times are estimates and can vary by 3-5 business days.

dog and cat art
dog and cat art
dog and cat art
dog and cat art
This is a beautiful leather wallet that will not only protect my credit and debit cards from identity theft, but one that will also decrease the amount of space occupied by my older, larger wallet in my purse and briefcase. I was offered this item for free to evaluate and review, and it comes nicely packaged. I ordered it in red, and it is a quality made wallet with pebbled leather and two gold accent zippers that open and fan out to divide the case into two main compartments.

On one half is a large pocket that can be used to hold coins (but not many if you don't want this to bulge or be too heavy), blank checks, or whatever else you might need that won't fit into one of the card slots on the other side. The other half contains the blocking card slots and there are 8 of those -- which is more than enough for me to carry credit, debit, insurance, passport ID, and any other embedded card that I want to carry with me. In addition are two small slide-in pockets where you could maybe put bills, a business card or something else that isn't too thick. All in all, it definitely is a compact and safe way to carry everything you need for errands, work, travel, entertainment, etc.

I think we have all heard how easy it is for thieves to steal identity or financial information and make one's life miserable. They don't even need to lift your actual wallet -- apparently just being nearby and using an app can result in frustration and money problems if they get hold of your secure data. This offers a degree of protection and peace of mind. I would definitely recommend this brand and style if you're in the market for an RFID blocking walltet that is also attractive and a good size.
Even though these must come off a 'Chinese assembly line' they are very well made reading glasses. And a pack of four costs less than one pair at the drug stores!
Quality vest. Bit around the waist is not great if you are not of ample proportions.
this does not seem like rea leather to me....I will come back and update if it starts to fall apart
The holes in the top of the lens will make you cross eyed and let's light in that reflects on the inside of the lens.
tight after a wash but the settles in ... zipper seems a little "not smooth" ... will see if this smooths out after more zips! Overall nice .. although I still want the old DARK blue unwashed jeans ... any suggestions?
They fit well
Crap. The mirror finish on the lenses rubbed off the first time I cleaned them with a soft dry cleaning cloth. The mirror finish is now completely gone in the center of the lenses and is progressing outward with every cleaning. Rubbish.
This was a gift and she like it.
When I say underwear is underwear but what's good about Amazon you get the colors you want when you go to the store to have nothing
I got a pair of these and Authentics Men's Classic Relaxed Fit Cargo Short. These fit but are long because of the pocket style. The cargo pockets are too small. There are several. The others are shorter and have larger more useful pockets. I have three of those and give them 5 stars.
Didnt like how scratchy it was.
Comfortable in warm weather. I wanted it more for protection from the sun since I wear an open face helmet. Delivery was as promised and in good condition.
It was just what I wanted, seems to be well made. The price was great and fast delivery.
I loved these!
great under shirts or just sleeping shirts
Good quality. True to size.
Good materials
Wow. These are nice. Fit well. Good protection. Look good.
Nice quality. Thanks!
Good quality, have ordered these 3 times not for my Etsy store. There is a slight problem, though. Sometimes they come in Acrylic/Wool blend and other times they come in Cotton blend. there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which one will arrive. I know that some people have wool allergies so it COULD be a problem.
When I first bought these they were terrific. When I ordered new ones they were junk. Thinner and skimpier. Bait and switch. Too bad, I didn't mind paying a little more for a nice item. They have totally down graded. I returned my last order.
Fits well all around.
These classic mens handkerchiefs from Dockers are a bit on the thin side but perfectly useful, especially if you arent crass enough to blow your nose into one (thats what Kleenex are for). These are used for things like wiping the condensation from your eyeglasses, or for loaning to a weeping friend at a wedding or funeral. Think Hugh Grant Rom-Com...
I really like how thin it is, and holds all my cards
Great fit, nice concealed logo.
Very comfortable, wear it as soon as its washed.
I ordered this as it starts out with 2-pack in the description. 1 mask came.
WTACTFUL 2 Pack/1 Pack - Lightweight Thin Neck Gaiter Protection Face Mask for Outdoor Sport
If there are one or two pack options they should be listed separately.
Very thin material, they are cheap. I would not buy again. You get what you pay for
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